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Welcome to my personal webpage. My name is David Sevilla González (read about my name here), I am a mathematician, and currently I work as an assistant professor (in Spanish, a profesor ayudante doctor) at the Mérida campus of the University of Extremadura (Spain).

By following the top menu you can find things related to my work, a couple of things on activism, and some personal stuff. All the contents are in English (I plan to write much in Spanish in the future).

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  • 13.02.2013 · [Math] · My joint article Tschirnhaus-Weierstrass curves with Josef Schicho has been accepted by Mathematics of Computation.  → Publications
  • 11.02.2013 · [Math] · I teach Ajuste de observaciones (adjustment of observarions) to students of Topography during the coming semester.  → Teaching
  • 23.12.2012 · [Math] · My joint article First steps towards radical parametrization of algebraic surfaces with Rafael Sendra has been accepted by Computer Aided Geometric Design.  → Publications
  • 22.11.2012 · [Math] · I am a member of a group of professors at the University of Extremadura that has been granted the project for innovation in teaching Introducción de la herramienta matemática Sage en la educación universitaria (Introducing Sage to university education) until 31.07.2013.  → Teaching